blessing adesiyan

founder & CEO

Hello! I am a proud mama of two kids, and married to a husband who I describe as my 'secret weapon'  because none of this would be possible without his hands-on support and encouragement. Professionally, I work in the manufacturing industry. My background is in Chemical Engineering (UFlorida) and Energy Management (NYIT), and I am currently pursuing my MBA at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. 

I have always been a champion for women through numerous blogs, startups and organizations, however, it wasn't until immediately after my son's birth early 2018 that I noticed a gaping hole in the support for a mothers ambition, dreams and aspiration beyond motherhood. Being a mom, a new identity is formed and that ambitious girl with big dreams, hopes and personal goals sometimes disappear suddenly.

For me, being a daily chauffeur, cleaner, cook, referee and laundry manager took its toll. So, I made a promise to go looking for that "me" underneath these responsibilities and find other mamas like me. I knew that there had to be women who wanted to have an exciting, career, business or side hustle while creating space for their family. And I found them, many of them! We had dinner, hung out, and thats where the idea of a community for these amazing and talented women who are defining motherhood in their own unique way came about. 


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Hey mommas! I’m a multi-passionate, energetic, ambitious, self-reflecting, outgoing introvert (yeah it’s complicated). In 2013, I was able to turn my consulting side hustle into my main hustle by launching Black & White Consulting, a Training / Development, Human Resources, and Program Management firm. We develop policies, programming, processes, but most of all people to elevate productivity and celebrate success.

As a champion of women, I work on community initiatives involving women economic empowerment and as a champion of mothers I am here at Mother Honestly (thanks Blessing, you truly are a blessing). I believe that every mother should have an opportunity to be in a trusted community to share the emotional highs and lows of motherhood. I also believe that every mother should have the choice to remain ambitious and passionate about following her dreams and doing what makes her happy..whatever that may look like for her. Personally, there’s just something about knowing you are not alone on this island of being ambitious while mothering that feels powerful and allows life to feel more doable. That’s what Mother Honestly is to me.

When I’m not doing my professional work I’m living mostly happily ever after drowning in testosterone with my husband and two boys in Northwest Ohio. My phrase for 2018 is be BOLD and unapologetically take up space.