The Importance of Rest Days and Stretching

Over the last six weeks, the Mother Honestly Recalibrate initiative has been all about showing up for yourself, giving back to yourself, and letting your best self shine. With all of this motivation and amped up inspiration going on, today we are here to remind you of something that is equally important to exercising your body. That, our friends, is resting it!

 There are hundreds of reasons why giving your body time to rest and recover will exponentially help you in the long run. It prevents injury. Your muscles need it to continue to strengthen and reach new goals. It can mess with your sleep if you don’t take a day off. It can knock your immune system down, and no mama needs that in the month of December.

 You can also burnout if you don’t take a rest day. Going hard to reach a goal is admirable, but we all have only so much willpower and pushing yourself too hard can lead to emotional burnout. So give yourself a rest day to recover and replenish your determination. Taking an active recovery day to do a little yoga, take a leisurely walk with the family and the dog, or grabbing a foam roller for some gentle stretching can also be incredibly restorative.

Rest and recovery are ESSENTIAL to helping your body recalibrate, and to helping you to continue having your best self show up to each sweat session ready to give it your all. We like to plug in two rest days a week, after 2-3 days of training.

How has Recalibrate been going for you? We want to hear your wins! Shoot us an e-mail at, or a DM at @barrecode_metd. We’d love to hear from you and cheer you on!

Xo, Lindsay and Janelle

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