Photo credit:  Apple of Our Eye  Photography

Photo credit: Apple of Our Eye Photography

Hey busy mama. We see you. From school drop off to manning the grocery list, to kicking butt in your career and being a rockstar wife, mother, daughter and friend... you’re doing it all and you’re doing it well. And, you’re busy. Self care can take a backseat if we aren’t careful – and when we do have a moment to give back to ourselves – we want it to be efficient. Enter: your super woman cape and time travel machine. Also known as: combination training.

 Here are five moves that you can do without any equipment, that will challenge your muscles AND lift your heart rate. Building muscles enables your body to be strong and capable and will increase your metabolic rate (meaning your body will work FOR you even when you aren’t exercising.) Getting your sweat on and your cardio in is incredible for your heart health, your mood, and your energy and endurance levels. Knock both of these out with these combination movements to make the most of your precious time!

1.    Squat Jumps (4 sets, 12 reps)

a.   Take your feet wider than your hips, toes pointed slightly out. Put your weight in your heels and bend your knees so your hips go in line with them. As you extend your legs, take it to a jump, or up on your toes if you have any knee sensitivity

b.   Muscles worked: glutes, thighs, core

2.    Mountain Climbers (3 sets, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off)

a.   Find your plank either on the ground or on an incline on the back of a table, dresser or wall. Establish a long line from the crown of your head all the way to your toes. Pull your knees into your chest quickly, picking up speed as you go. Keep your navel pulled to your spine to feel your abs working.

b.   Muscles worked: core, shoulders, chest, back

3.    Low Power Jacks (3 sets, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off)

a.   Bend your knees and take a hinge forward with a flat back. Open and close arms in a 90 degree position, as your feet jump or tap out and in.

b.   Muscles worked: thighs, core, back

4.    Alternating Lunges (4 sets, 10 reps on each side)

a.   Start with your hands on your hips and your feet planted under you in a comfortable stance. Step one foot behind you and find a 90 degree bend in both legs, ensuring that your front knee remains on top of your front heel. Alternate legs, picking up speed as you go. Option to add a jump rather than a step between sides.

b.   Muscles worked: thighs, glutes, core

5.    Push Ups (4 sets, 12 reps)

a.   Find your plank again, this time walking your hands out wider than your shoulders. Bend your elbows with your heart leading forward, making sure that you maintain a straight line from the crown of your head through your heels. Use an inhale on the bend and exhale on the extend to help to encourage core support through your movement. 

With all of the suggested exercises, add reps, sets and rounds as needed to keep you feeling challenged, sweaty and strong! Have fun!  

Xo, Lindsay and Janelle

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