Good nutrition starts with a solid foundation. Basic rules that can be applied every day to help make good choices easy!

1. START WITH BREAKFAST: Get your metabolism going with a nutritious breakfast. The body needs to start the day fueled and ready to go. Choose whole-grains, lean proteins, fiber-rich fruits and veggies and skip anything with added sugar. Can’t stomach the idea of eating first thing in the morning? A smoothie is a simple alternative and easy for those grab-and-go days!

2. HYDRATION: Drink plenty of water each day. If you’re feel hungry, and its not meal time, try drinking a glass of water. Often our bodies don’t discriminate between thirst and hunger. Plain water too boring? Try adding lemon or lime wedges, cucumber slices, or a few crushed berries to your water!

3. VEGGIES FIRST: Vegetables are high in fiber and water content, packed with nutrients, and low in calories. Start every meal (breakfast, too) with half your plate filled with non-starchy vegetables—think anything green, peppers, and tomatoes. Healthy, nutritious and filling.

4. KEEP YOUR BLOOD SUGAR IN CHECK: skipping meals and eating meals laden with sugar or white flour can cause our blood sugar levels to dip and raise in a manner that throws off our hormones and digestion. Eat three meals a day, try to avoid grazing and make lunch your biggest meal of the day—its the time of day when you’re most active, your metabolism is revved and you have plenty of time to digest what you’ve eaten.

Check out this week’s videos on our IGTV channel for lots of great content and see the recipes below for delicious breakfast ideas and how to get more veggies in at mealtimes!