Relax! 5 Tips for Unwinding With Your Littles

Have you noticed that as our schedules get hectic and we get overwhelmed with tasks that our littles tend to “act out”? This can make a stressful day or week become even more of a challenge! 

Our littles thrive on our energy and rely on our consistency more than we realize, especially as they get older and gain independence. Holding consistency for ourselves and prioritizing our stress relief is a greater benefit to our entire family than we see some days! Along with some of the techniques shared from @Jaclynreneewellness, remember that a lot of the relaxation techniques that are important for you, also apply for our littles!

Give a few of these a try this week and tag @beetsandbabes and @motherhonestly to let us know how they went!

1. Turn the electronics off and read a book together: Electronics can be stimulating and in the evening can actually do the reverse of the calming and relaxing we’re looking for as we aim for a good night’s rest. If you have had a crazy day, instead of turning the TV on—pull out a book instead, and take 15-20 minutes before bed time to read together, and even enjoy a little snuggle time :)

2. Take a walk: Feeling a little stir crazy? When the list can get overwhelming, sometimes taking a step away for a short period of time to clear your head can help you come back more focused. Bundle up your littles and head outside for a walk. Walking outdoors and putting yourself in a new environment can relax your mind, decrease cortisol production, and allow you and your little to get some refreshing activity. Adding a family walk in post-dinner is also a great way to support digestion as well as calm the body heading into the evening.

3. Practice yoga together: Including your babes in your daily exercise is a great way to instill healthy habits with them at a young age. A simple search on youtube for kids yoga allows for a great break in the day or evening to settle the mind and body. 10 minutes is all you need, and probably all your littles will tolerate ;)

4. Have structured “quiet time”: If your littles are still napping, this can include their nap time. If they are no longer napping, you can still use the old nap time as “quiet time” to have structured time during the day to calm down, regroup, reduce the stimulus around you. Read a book, use a headspace app together with guided meditation, or do some light stretching and breathing techniques. 

5. Talk through the harder days: Our littles have a hard time communicating their feelings. Keep in mind that hard days for us equal hard days for them too. When we feel ourselves getting frustrated if they are acting out or losing patience, talk it through with them. This is a great opportunity to teach them to use their words when they are frustrated and teach a habit of communicating when emotions rise at a younger age. As they communicate we can become more consistent at practicing some of the relaxation techniques above and instill this habit with them as they grow. 

Take some time to practice 1-2 of these this week, you got this Mama!

Brooke is the writer and owner of Beets and Babes.