Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Exercises To Squeeze In Today

These exercises are quick enough to be squeezed into your day wherever and whenever! Repeat them in a circuit three times for maximum strength gain potential. Check out our video on IGTV for full demonstration and explanation!


1.         C-curve (30 repetitions): Exhale and tuck hips under, drawing the navel in towards the spine. Close your eyes and imagine wrapping your baby with a hug! 

2.         Kickstand Marches (30 repetitions): Alternate marching knees up to a tabletop position. Tucking the hips under as the foot lowers.

 Post-Natal Baby Wearing- Repeat these exercises in a circuit 3 times for maximum strength gain! 

1.         Sit ups: 20 repetitions 

2.         Russian Twists: 20 repetitions

3.         Squats or lunges: 20 repetitions

4.         Tricep presses (without baby carrier): 20 repetitions 

With all of the suggested exercises, add reps, sets and rounds as you continue your workouts, to keep raising the bar(re) for yourself!

Xo, Lindsay and Janelle

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