Easy Self-Care Rituals To Squeeze Into A Busy Schedule

It’s that magical time of the year—the holidays, the parties, the vacations! All wonderful, but it can leave an already overflowing schedule feeling like there isn’t a second to spend on yourself. Self care does not need to be an hour-long yoga session or a day at the spa, here are great little ways to relax, unwind and indulge yourself.

DON’T GRAB YOUR PHONE: Get an alarm clock and keep you phone out of your bedroom. Take a few minutes in the mornings to do a few gentle stretches while you’re still in bed, Take 15 minutes to read a magazine article or a chapter of whatever book is sitting on your bedside table. Or, find a quiet spot in your home to meditate for 10-20 minutes.

MAKE YOUR MORNING SHOWER A SPA TREATMENT: Buy a dry brush and before you get in the shower brush your entire body in circular motions starting at your feet and working towards your heart. Apply coconut oil or moisturizer and then get in the shower. Make it a hydrotherapy shower by alternating between the hottest water you can tolerate and the coldest water you can tolerate for 30 second intervals. So invigorating!

NAP WHEN THE KIDS NAP: Its the advice everyone gives you and you never take. That 90 minutes when the little ones are down is your prime time to get things done, but carve out just 20 minutes for a power nap and you’ll be surprised how much more energy you’ll have. Set an alarm, squeeze in that nap and then use the rest of nap time to get things done.

LINGER IN THE BATHROOM AT BEDTIME: Take a few extra minutes after taking off your make up and brushing your teeth to apply a sheet mask, slather on some body cream or maybe even soak in an epsom salt bath with some calming lavender or essential oils. You’ll drift off to sleep so much more easily.

LEARN TO SAY NO: That doesn’t sound very merry, but saying no to the right things can give you joy and free time to do the things that really matter. If you don’t love sending out holiday cards, then don’t. Only attend the holiday parties hosted by friends and family that matter most. It’s okay not to volunteer at the kids’ school, your priority is your child not everybody’s child. Take the time and money you’ve saved not over-committing to things and invest it in you and your family this holiday season.

You can find more self care ideas on our IGTV Channel with Jaclyn Renee Wellness and our COO Nicole Bopp.