Are you snacking on leftover Halloween candy, glass of wine in hand while you scroll through Amazon looking for the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list? Yeah, us too! All that resolve you had back in January has fallen to the wayside and the end of the year is a flurry of food, over-stuffed schedules and endless shopping. Willpower is hard to find, especially buried under the sugar cookies, holiday parties and credit card bills. We get it. We live it.

What if this year we did better? No one is pushing kale instead of grandma’s green bean casserole; or suggesting now is the time to commit to working out 7 days a week; or clawing your way out of credit card debt is easy during the biggest spending season of the year.

What if we RECALIBRATE? No big turn of the dial, no extreme commitment to anything. Just a nudge in the right direction, little changes with big impact that could make this already stressful and busy time of the year a little easier.

Eat a little better. Workout a little more. Give without feeling guilty.

For the next 61 days Mother Honestly is teaming up with experts in nutrition, exercise and finance to help us all get the most out of the holidays, our lives and our budgets.

So, starting November 1 join us on on IGTV, InstaStories, our Instagram feed, our Facebook community and right here on this page dedicated to RECALIBRATING the end of 2018. There will be recipes and nutrition advice, sweat sessions, financial tips and so much more.

Everything is easier when we do it together!