Can't Make It To The Gym? Try This Quick At-Home WorkOut With Your Littles

Stuck at home this week and have little time to make it to the gym? Us too! This work out is a total body burner and adding your little one in as your weight makes it fun for them! If your little is too big to be your weight, have them join you and use weights at home or a milk/water jug as as an option. 

Complete 3 rounds of each movement in circuit form. Take a :90 second rest between each circuit

1: Squat to Press x 10

2: Push up to down dog x 10

3: Alternating Lateral Lunge x10 each

4: Mountain climber x 20 each

5: Single leg gluten raise x10 each 

6: Plank Rotation (R/L = 1) x10

You can find the step by step videos for each of these moves on our IGTV Channel!