How The Mom Project Connects Moms To Leading Employers + Why It Matters


Ever wondered what it’s like working for an employer that not only values working mothers but support and understand us? We caught up with Colleen, Head of Marketing and Community at The Mom Project as well as Chief Mom to two boys (ages 5 and 9 months). On this episode Colleen shared her career and motherhood journey that led her to The Mom Project, a family-friendly employer networking and resource site matching highly skilled women with leading employers who provide flexible and respectable work for women, moms returning into the workforce and even men. 

The Mom Project hired Colleen while she was 8 months pregnant and provided a full 3-month maternity leave after her daughter was born.  Determined to onboard thousands of women back into the work force in 2019, The Mom Project teams up with companies that are committed to providing opportunities and offering a bridge for ambitious mothers looking to make a return to the workforce.  Working with companies of all shapes, sizes and opportunities from flex, remote, part-time and full time jobs looking for talent, The Mom Project provides the support and resources today’s working mother need to thrive at work and at home.    

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