Redefining Success In Motherhood | Minisode 1

A chemical engineer, a Jane of-all-trades, and a freelancing SAHM walk into a our first round table we take a moment to introduce the team behind the podcast and take a look back at what got us behind the microphone.  

Blessing Adesiyan is a chemical engineer, CEO and Founder of Mother Honestly and mother of two, a 10-month old and a 10-year old.  She discusses juggling a full-time career while launching a successful passion project all while balancing the everyday needs of a precocious elementary school-age daughter and her newborn son.  Blessing stresses the importance of mothers remembering to take sight of their dreams and knowing when to listen to our bodies and indulge in self-care. 

Photography by  Diana Liang  Photography

Photography by Diana Liang Photography

With one son embarking on adulthood and another in the homestretch of high school, serial side hustler, corporate survivor and COO of Mother Honestly, Nicole Bopp offers lessons in having a diverse résumé.  Nicole has tackled job loss in a crumbling economy, side hustles that have kept her head above water, and given her time to step back and make room for motherhood. She talks about the healing properties of a good bubble bath, the importance of always having a bucket list, and reminds newer moms that this is only a season of our lives and it’s short. 

Nicole Bopp, COO Mother Honestly

Nicole Bopp, COO Mother Honestly

As the newest member to the motherhood gang, Mother Honestly podcast manager Kristen Baffo is a personal enemy of "baby shark", and if you have been listening to our podcast you know her little secret—she’s soon to be the mom of two under two, with a 10-month old baby girl at home, and baby #2 on the way this spring! She hopes to bring an honest look into the life and challenges of a modern SAHM and how making room for motherhood and pregnancy doesn't have to be career suicide. 

And that's just a little bit about out team! So grab a cup of coffee, your ear buds, and take a listen as we discuss motherhood, careers, and what brought the three of us very different mothers together to bring you the Mother Honestly Podcast.  

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Kristen Baffo, Podcast Relations Manager, Mother Honestly

Kristen Baffo, Podcast Relations Manager, Mother Honestly

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