Protecting Kids In A Connected World with Comcast VP, Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert.jpg

This week who better to kick off our "Women on the Rise" event in Tech Town Detroit this Saturday than Vice President of Public Relations for the Heartland Division of Comcast.  An expert in her field and mom of two daughters has over 30 years in the game.  Michelle walks us through how she kept her career afloat even while taking time to focus on family first while spending years in a dead end job, know the flexibility it provided was priceless.  She may not have been growing "title wise" in her career but it allowed her to keep a foot in the door of a field she enjoyed so much.  With daughters who are now pre-teens as a mom in the tech field we talk what parenting in todays world looks like with the ever evolving world of technology and the growing concerns of "screen time". 

Offering tips and tricks, Michelle also reminds us that as a mother we are always juggling, and losing a few along the way is inevitable.  Its how we prioritize what balls are okay to lose and what balls the "mom ball" is number one. Be sure to catch Michelle this weekend at our "Women on the Rise" event this weekend.  

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