Parenthood Doesn't Come With A Manual w. Lauren Mohon, Marketing Director, Hour Media

Welcome to Season 2 of The Mother Honestly Podcast! Blessing, Founder and CEO of Mother Honestly opens up this season with a topic near and dear to her heart, resources for mothers, fathers and babies with Lauren Mohon, Marketing Director of Hour Media, Detroit. Lauren is a new mom herself who relies on family and local resources to meet her needs as a working mother. On this episode, we discuss career, motherhood, community and of course her newest project, The Metro Detroit Baby and Beyond Magazine as well as the Metro Detroit Baby and Beyond Expo. Parents expecting their first child or growing their families are invited to attend the Metro Detroit Baby and Beyond Expo from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Sept. 29 at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit. Attendees can discover the best products and services for babies, children and families from various local resources and exhibitors. Do you live in the Detroit area and will love to attend? Simply use the code "MOTHERHONESTLY" to receive 50% off your tickets at

Season 2 of the Mother Honestly Podcast is sponsored by Emilia George, Goldfish Swim School and Motor City Woman Studios.

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