Women And The Future of Podcasting With Motor City Woman


This week we sit down with the engineering brains behind the Mother Honestly Podcast, owner of Motor City Woman Robin Kinnie.  It is important to point out that when we started this podcast we couldn’t have done it without the guidance of Robin . . . okay okay we are a couple of smart capable women who could probably figure it out, but Robin sure did help us with that learner’s curve. Robin is a leader here in Detroit breaking the glass ceiling of women in podcasting. With a passion for talk radio and Martha Jean the Queen, Robin recognized a lack of women in the field.  Recognizing her skill set in business development and married to an audio engineer Robin had the resources at her finger tips to create a space exclusively for women to have their voices heard.  With three little ones in tow, Robin birthed not only Motor City Woman but her youngest baby as well. Robin engineered her very first broadcast in their studio two months after her son was born next to mama in his carrier.  Robin gets it done, and being a mother isn’t going to slow her down.   We sit down and learn about how Robin defines balance in motherhood, leaning on your relationships, the future of podcasting and how you can start your own podcast. Hey, did you know you can ask Siri to subscribe to the Mother Honestly podcast? Go ahead, try it!  

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