Motherhood Gone Global w. Sunshine Abou Bakar, Founder of African Boheme


Sunshine is the Founder of African Boheme, a black family travel blog, standing at the intersection of the black travel movement and millennial motherhood. Documenting the lives of herself and her daughter, Sunshine soon realized that not all women had the confidence to travel with their children.

Once upon a time she tried on a pair of leopard print pants and vowed to move wherever they were made.  Within the year she closed up her vintage shop and moved to Byron Bay, Australia. There she spent her time working alongside boutique bohemian brands, quintessential of Byron Bay, facilitating the manufacturing process between young female entrepreneurs and the skilled artisans of Bali, Indonesia.

Blessing connected with Sunshine via social media to understand how Sunshine inspires herself and her daughter through travel. We discuss how she combines her passion, ambition and goals as a stay-at-home mother, traveler, content creator, and travel blogger. Showing her daughter these various parts of herself is meaningful and important to her and it's what keeps her excited about her role as mother. She feels super proud of her role as a stay-at-home mother, since it offers her the ability to redefine success for herself, and do work that feels aligned to her. As a photographer for 18 years, she is able to create content and share that in a creative way with various audiences and brands.

You can find Sunshine Abou Bakar at and on instagram at