The Power of Maternal Well-Being | Minisode 2


Pregnant? Planning for pregnancy, currently struggling postpartum? We tackle the miracle of pregnancy and celebrate the superpower that is the woman's body in the latest episode of the Mother Honestly Podcast. We sit down with Dr. Rachel Elizabeth Miller PT, DPT, IHPS, WHC  who spoiler alert is still preggo with baby #5!  Dr. Rachael began her physical therapy journey as an aide in a sports physical therapy practice that housed the Detroit Red Wings among other professional athletes. She moved on in her career to work at Beaumont and Crittenton hospitals’ clinical settings treating various clients that had sport, orthopedic, women’s health, vestibular, neurological, and health and wellness concerns.

In this minisode Dr. Rachael who is expecting her fifth baby anytime walks us through preventative health care and healing for mothers pre and postpartum, and how she transitioned from her full-time career in orthopedics to her full-time entrepreneurial venture as a Physical Therapist and Health Coach for mothers on her own terms.


Not only a doctor and advocate for women's health Dr Rachaell walks the walk with children ranging from teenage years to a soon to arrive newborn. Dr Rachael takes her experience of the past 4 pregnancies as well as her journey through orthopedic medicine and integrates her knowledge of women's health. She stresses the importance and not only taking care of baby, but also taking the time to care for mom. Dr. Rachael delves into nutrition, stress, sleep, pregnancy and postpartum health, and a recipe for the most luxurious herbal bath to help heal after birth; Dr Rachael embraces the miracle of child birth and how pain is not and should not be expected or the norm. 

Tune in as we discuss pregnancy, the first months and even years after pregnancy and how are all relevant no matter your age or stage of motherhood. To learn more about Dr. Rachael Elizabeth check out her website at

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