Leaning Into Parenting While Nurturing Ambition with Neha Ruch, Mother Untitled


New Yorker and Stanford graduate Founder and CEO of Mother Untitled Neha Ruch a website and community built around ambitious women who are creating space for motherhood.  Taking a full pause for 6 months after the birth of her son, Neha faced much criticism and adversity by choosing to take the time at home to adjust to her new role as mother.  Noticing lots of content behind the working mother across the web, Neha recognized there was a lack of content and community behind those who chose to lean in to parenting. We take a moment to discuss the challenges women face while choosing to make parenting their full time responsibility and break down the stereotypes behind the dreaded term "Stay at home Mom".  Creating a non-traditional balance in the messy gray areas of motherhood; Neha provides both warning and advice behind taking a different approach to being ambitious while choosing to take a pause.  Learn more about Neha's mission to provide resources to those creating space in motherhood that works for them at www.motheruntitiled.com 

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