Inspiration, Motherhood and Bulding 5.5 Million + Followers w. Farah Merhi of Inspire Me Home Decor


When Farah Merhi launched Inspire Me! Home Decor in 2012, it was a creative outlet during what she calls "a phase of self discovery.” Farah was 3 semesters short of graduating with her political science degree and planning to attend law school when she had her "AHA!" moment, realizing that she was not following her passion and doing what she loved. With the support of her husband and her parents (who now admit they thought it was all just a phase...) she stepped away from her career path. Realizing that Interior Design was what made her heart happy, she launched Inspire Me! Farah had a clear vision of what she wanted to do, and that was to inspire others. Inspire Me! began as an Instagram page and has since become the most followed Home Decor page globally, boasting 5.6 million followers.

Today, Farah continues to inspire with beautiful home decor through her collections and works to make decorating one’s home both simple and enjoyable. Her Instagram followers were homeowners struggling with decision making when it came to decorating their spaces, reaching out for advice and simple tips to make it easier. Her mission became clear. She knew she had to facilitate the decor process for each and every person.

On this episode, Blessing and Farah dive into this episode chatting about the role mothers play in inspiring their children. Farah's mother was a huge part of the process from her early days designing and decorating her childhood home.

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