Explore The World With Kids! How To Raise Global-Conscious Citizens


Have you ever wondered how mamas who take their children across oceans and continents do it with kids? Trish Dewald is an Executive Director at a marketing firm that specializes in nonprofit and a mother of two. She is also the mama behind Mindful Travel Fam where she shares details surrounding the adventures she takes with her children across national parks, big beaches, and quaint towns around the country as well as interesting destinations across Southeast Asia. She is definitely the family’s travel agent and adventure seeker. Born with an insatiable wanderlust that has taken her to 46 of our great 50 states and dozens of countries on 3 continents. Trish loves yoga, adventure, food and her family. 


In her own words, “we love our city, our home and the network we have built. But we appreciate the gift of travel, adventure and sharing the world with our kids. It's time to share our family's vacation journeys with others that love traveling and want to explore with us!” We are so glad this mama chose to share the tidbits of how she came into motherhood, the distinctive way she wants to raise her children as global citizens and how she intends to spend the next few summers with them before they reach adulthood.


In this episode, Trish and I dive deep into what it means to raise global-conscious citizens who are constantly aware of how their actions and decisions affect not only them but other children and families around the world. After visiting over 25+ countries myself, and over 15 with my 10-year old Camille, I chime in on how moms can make traveling work for their family including surviving a 28-hour journey from Detroit, MI to Sydney, Australia with a 13-month old.


We both share some fantastic free and low-budget resources that can help moms prioritize travel for their family including the free 4th-grader ranger benefits at the National Parks across the United States.


Interested in raising global citizens and don't know where to start? This article on Forbes shares tips on how to raise globally aware children and foster curiosity. 


Below are a few websites mentioned, these tips coupled with booking flights early, flying off-season and taking advantage of travel credit/debit cards that allow you to earn while you travel.