Burnout and Balance In Motherhood with Carly Goidosik

Photography by  Diana Liang Photography

Defying her parents, Carly Goidosik owner of The Dailey Method in Birmingham, MI followed her head and heart and dropped business school, and and received her bachelors degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University.  Introduced to TDM while nannying and planning her wedding Carly took a budget friendly approach committing to 8 weeks of classes to get in shape before her big day, boutique fitness wasn't necessarily an expense she could afford on a regular basis on a nanny salary. Feeling comfortable in her own skin for the first time as a woman, Carly knew TDM needed to be a part of her life.  Financially it didn't fit, so she started by working the front desk, and eventually enrolling in teacher training.  With a supportive spouse, and mentor on her side she took the leap of faith while caring for her first newborn son and brought The Dailey Method to Birmingham. In this podcast episode Carly discusses "burn out" and teaches us how to balance and manage all of the stressors that come with managing both motherhood and entrepreneurship. Practicing what she preaches Carly takes real life experience of pouring from an empty cup to teach women to listen to their bodies and know their limits both body and mind, and live their most vibrant life. 

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