Miscarriages, Surrogacy and Keeping Ambition Afloat


Grab your tissues mama, this weeks episode is extremely raw and vulnerable as we sit down with Jewelry Designer and new mama Anuja Tolia and discuss her beautifully heartbreaking road to motherhood.  Post marriage Anuja made her way back to Detroit with her new husband and starting to plan for their family.  The mystery absence of ovulation followed by an unfortunate miscarriage, Anuja knew there was more to the story. 

A fixer at heart, Anuja continued to forged ahead with her pregnancy plan, with another devastating loss on the horizon Anuja was broken.  After marching in and out of several doctors office, and having several tests performed Anuja and her husband found out they are both carriers of rare chromosomal translocation.  1 in 10 million couples will experience both the mother and father being carriers of a chromosomal translocation.  Let that sink in for a moment. . .1 in 10 MILLION.

Anuja and her husband are broken again, lonely, and lost.  They took on the financial burden of 5 rounds of IVF, and explored adoption, donor eggs,  donor sperm, and many other alternatives.  Finally deciding on surrogacy as the best option it was during our podcast interview that Anuja's baby that she has waited so long for was due any day. On Month, Day Year Anuja and her husband welcomed baby Gianna into the world with open arms and full hearts!  The team at Mother Honestly is beyond excited and full of happy tears for Anuja and her family!

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