A Platform For Parents To Connect w. Hayley Nivelle of Ellie App

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Corporate Lawyer, Founder of Ellie, and mother of two Hayley Nivelle sits down with Blessing to discuss the power of "mom groups".  Passionate about what became her third baby the Ellie Parenting Group App, Hayley left her full-time career as as an attorney to pursue her passion of connecting parents in a meaningful way.  Knowing that not everyone has the luxury of quitting their career, Hayley discusses how her husband asked tough questions around the idea of taking a step back from her career to work on her side hustle, and what that meant for her as she takes on a more on the home front. The Ellie App was created to bring parents (both moms and dad) from all over the country together. Providing a non judgmental platform for users to ask questions with experts and other parents while discussing challenges and concerns. Self employment, growing a brand and working motherhood also comes with its own challenges and Hayley and Blessing are not shy on sharing the struggles of their entrepreneurial journey. The ellie app is available for download on iPhone and Android. Be sure to subscribe, rate and review this show and follow us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/motherhonestly.

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