A Mother's Mental Health Is Everything w. Honey For Moms

Let's talk mental health!  This week we sat down with Honey Mama's Brooke Miller, founder and owner of Honey for Moms and Kathryn Pozniak, resident therapist at Honey.  Both Brooke and Kathryn are mental health therapists by trade and teach us that its important to take the time to focus on a mothers needs.  When Brooke moved across the country she started Honey for Mom's because it was something she desperately needed after the birth of her daughter.  Taking out the sterile environment that can sometimes exist within the Mental Health field, Brooke created a space for moms to come and receive the resources they need to thrive within their motherhood journey. They say it takes a village to raise a child and Honey for Mom's brings the village to you.  With a focus on building its community to inspire healing, they offer a wide range of services and various types of group therapy, one-on-one therapy, yoga, co-working space and childcare.   Teaching us that sometimes stripping the labels and redirecting our messaging can be transformative and that rediscovering ourselves in our motherhood journey is possible. 

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