Mother & Stronger T-Shirt

Mother & Stronger T-Shirt

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This shirt was inspired by my mother. Just like you she’s been a source of strength for all of her 6 children. She would work hard day and night to make sure we were well fed, clothed and completed our homework on time. She like you, was always looking for bigger and greater opportunities for her children. She was always a source of strength, support and a shoulder to cry on when things went wrong, which they always do (at least when you are a teenager).

Becoming a mother myself has been life’s greatest gift. I didn’t realize how strong I was until I had to take care of my daughter as a single mom at a young age while working full-time at a Fortune 100 company. I didn’t realize motherhood could give me the strength when faced with bouts of illness, stress, and so many challenges that almost brought me down, but I persevered for my little girl. Just like you, my story is real, but motherhood defined me, it shaped me, and it gave me so much strength.

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