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MasterClass Online: How To Maximize Your Impact at Work


Hey mama, you are golden! You can do this. I know how tough it can be to put the last one to bed, straighten your back and start getting yourself ready for the next day. And then, you wake up multiple times throughout the night to make sure they are fine. You then get up earlier than everyone to make breakfast, lunch and get everyone ready. Phew! How do you do it all woman?

But I also know this to be true about you, you want to be exceptional in what you do. You want to perform your work faster and better, get the recognition you need, mix with the power players at work, while getting the promotion and bonuses that you deserve. I’ve been there, and I will walk you through exactly how to get it done.

In this exclusive Masterclass Online, Blessing Adesiyan will delve into what she’s learned from over 10 years in motherhood, career and business and share practical tools and tips on how to:

  • Master the networking and relationship-building game with a baby on your mind or even on your hips

  • Get noticed for all the right reasons by your peers, mentors, clients and bosses

  • Manage up effectively, and set yourself up for success

  • Network your way into the right opportunities

  • Use your role as a mother to your advantage

  • Get rid of time-wasters and focus on what matters

  • Level up and snag that new job or promotion

This class is great for career professionals and business owners who want to step into their power and take your career to the next level while placing their family first.

Remember, if you can’t join us live, we’ll share a link so you can watch it at a later time.