Our Tribe Is Designed With Women In Mind


Name: Carly Goidosik (pronounced Goyd-oh-sick; I know, it’s a doozy.)

Degree/Institution: Bachelor of Science, Michigan State University

Workplace/Business: The Dailey Method Birmingham Barre Studio, Owner

Favorite app/website/blog: Ready. Aim. Empire. It’s an industry-specific podcast designed for boutique fitness studios. I recently completed a 100 day business course with the founder {who also happens to be a mompreneur} called The Client Cure. I love how relevant it is to my niche business and always walk away from the podcast feeling inspired to take action. One of my favorite things about the Ready. Aim. Empire brand is that it blends success with soul, so I always feel good about implementing the takeaways.

Go-to outfit: Well… I own a Barre studio so it’s definitely a comfy {but stylish} pair of high-waisted leggings from our boutique, paired with a Dino top {sustainable, soft, mom-owned line}.

Go-to power anthem: I CAN DO ANYTHING, BUT NOT EVERYTHING. This reminds me to ask for help and empower those around me.

Go-to Local Restaurant: I don’t eat out often, but when I do I love Beyond Juice. I dedicate a lot of time to meal prep to ensure that I am putting the kind of food in my body that fuels me as a #boymom and a business owner of a fitness studio. When I need to grab something on the run, I love to build my own salad from Beyond Juice. Their Carrot Ginger Dressing is everything. Plus the owner is a mom AND a Dailey Method Core Member. So supporting her is a huge bonus.

Go-to Coffee shop: Commonwealth for their iced Coconut Oolong Tea, or our neighbors,Birmingham Roast, for an iced coffee. I love that they are both locally owned small businesses #allinthistogether.

Your Website/Blog/Social Media handle:

Website: www.thedaileymethod.com/birmingham

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedaileymethodbirmingham/

IG: @tdmbirmingham


Introductions: Name, Career, Business and # of kids

Hello there! My name is Carly Goidosik. I am humbled to meet you and to be a part of this powerful movement. I’ve owned The Dailey Method (TDM), a barre studio in Birmingham, for more than 5 years now. I started out as the “technician.” I knew how to teach Barre class but knew little about the other roles of running a small business, like management and entrepreneurship. I am proud to say that with grit and determination to succeed, I have embraced all the roles as a small business owner and I am proud of where we are as a community today. I have 2 toddler boys. Where are all my #boymoms at? Joey is 4 and Sawyer is 2. Not going to lie, the first year of both of their lives were a tad touch-and-go, but I am loving their ages right now {aside from the occasional temper tantrum from Sawyer but what can I expect? He’s 2}.

Tell me about yourself and how you became a Mompreneur.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. What I didn't know is that I wanted to be a business owner. As a little girl, I couldn’t relate to my friends who fantasized about how they would look on their wedding day. From as far back as I can remember, I dreamed of the day I could feel my baby move in my belly for the first time. There were years that every birthday, every Christmas, every wishbone that gave me a wish to wish upon, I asked for my parents to have another baby. Being a mom was never in question for me. What I resisted for a while was the entrepreneur part of “mompreneur.” Both of my parents owned small businesses growing up. I guess I saw more long hours than flexibility and I had this idea that you had to be married to your business if you had one. The only reason I opened my own studio is because of the business model. And because we were moving from Chicago back to Michigan and I couldn’t imagine my life without TDM. But back to the business model part. Our founder, Jill Dailey, is a mom of 3 herself, and my mentor is a mom of 5. We offer childcare at the studio and we serve with moms in mind. This gave me hope that I could be a mom and have a thriving business that served the world. It has taken a great deal of intention and release of control, but today I love the work-life balance I have created.

You started TDM and became pregnant right away, what was that like?

It was a lot. There are no two ways around it. My husband and I had planned to wait at least 1 year into business ownership before trying to conceive, but life had a different plan. It wasn’t the easiest path, but it was all in divine timing and I learned a lot in the process. Leaving my first baby {the business} before it was a year old to nurture my first-born human challenged me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I only took 5 weeks of maternity leave and during that time I vividly remember crying in my kitchen over the thought that the studio might not survive (my hormones played a role in that too). But in that experience, something unexpected and magical happened. I survived my first lesson to entrust my team fully. It was during that time of surrender that empowered my team to take ownership of the studio. The studio did survive. Not only did it survive, it thrived. I now have an incredible staff of loyal, dedicated, capable women.

How did you combine a newborn, your role as wife and mother with the birth of a new business?

2 ways: 1) The Dailey Method company culture and 2) A selfless husband. I chose this career path not only because I can’t imagine my life without Dailey Method, but also because I knew the business model naturally nurtured motherhood. With childcare built into every studio and a company founder who had 3 young children of her own, I was confident that I could build a life through TDM that honored both my ambition and my biggest dream of being Mommy. How did I do it? I brought both boys to work with me until they were 14-months-old. When I taught or took class they would play in the kids room. When they napped, they fell asleep in the studio office and I worked. The second thing that made it was possible was having my husband on board. Just like I’ve heard Blessing, the found of Mother Honestly, say, “My husband is my secret weapon.” He has always supported my big, audacious dreams and he’s never complained about stepping up to “dad” when duty calls. He also never complained about taking a backseat from being my #1 during different seasons of life when my attention had to shift to care for a small human or a new business. Without my hubby by my side every step of the way, things would look much different from how they do today. He is my rock who grounds me and reminds me that everything is going to be okay, even when life feels too overwhelming to bear.

What advice do you have for new or expecting moms who are currently birthing a business? I am going to reference my go-to power anthem here. “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” You will need to ask for and receive help so start doing it ASAP. That, at least for me, is a huge practice. It’s not something that came naturally, but the act of surrender, both as a mom and as a business owner, has taken tremendous courage and simultaneously provides great peace.

You are in the business of catering to women, empowering them through self-care, community which you call “tribe”, tell us more about that.

I am so glad you asked. This is one of my favorite topics to discuss. Let’s shine a light on it, shall we? Most women tend to give. We pour ourselves into our families and our work, {whether that be in the home, out of the home, or a combination of the two} and at the end of the day, our cups are empty. We have nothing left to give because we didn’t take time throughout the day to pause, notice, and honor our own needs. I believe, and The Dailey Method believes, in balance. Simply put it means if we are going to give we must also receive. My business empowers women to fill their own cup so they have more to give to those and that around them. Everything we do is designed to support women so we can in turn go out and serve the world with greater purpose. The list is endless -the friendly, welcoming atmosphere,the studio amenities that make your life easier {think non-toxic essential oil body products to diapers and a changing table}, he class that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit, the engaging kid’s room, the boutique choices that take your look effortlessly from studio to street, the community of like-minded, uplifting women… our tribe is designed with women in mind, and I am often reminded that we are all in this together.

One of the things we personally love about TDM Birmingham is the kids room and the activities while mama takes classes. Can you tell us more about why this was incorporated into The Dailey Method?

Absolutely! Thank you for asking. The quality of our childcare is something I am proud of as a mom and a business owner. Our staff is extremely qualified and loving. In addition to that, we mindfully limit screen time and offer a loose toddler curriculum to keep our Dailey kids engaged through seasonal activities and projects. Just this morning I walked into the studio and was quickly greeted by a 3-year-old girl wearing a self-made unicorn mask. Does it get any better than that? Sorry, I digressed. We put a lot of intention into our childcare because we know it’s important for our moms. We want our Dailey Moms to be able to enjoy a guilt-free hour to fill their cups knowing that their babies are being well cared for. It’s an added bonus that it’s more cost effective {and often more convenient} than hiring a babysitter for an hour and a half to workout.

How does self-care, self-love and community help women in living motherhood authentically?

Because we are all human. To be human is to have needs. The more we recognize and honor our needs, the more we are able to give freely. I’ve been there and my guess is that if you are a mom, you’ve been there too. Many of us have tried pouring from an empty cup. Does it feel good? Does it feel authentic? My answer is “no.” That’s where self-love and self-care come into play. Everything we do starts from the inside out. The more we care for our self and learn to love ourselves, the greater capacity we have to care for and love those around us. We know that being a mommy requires a lot of output of both care and love so of course it makes sense that we need to make self-love and self-care a priority or burnout is likely to happen. Talking community specifically, I believe we weren’t meant to do life or motherhood alone. Think about it- humans historically gathered in tribes. But in today’s world many of us spread out geographically and live away from our support system. That can make motherhood lonelier than it already is. When we immerse ourselves in an environment with other moms who get it and want to connect and share, it makes the journey more real and more enjoyable. It helps us rebuild the tribe we’re meant to have, the village it takes to raise a child. That’s what TDM does for me and so many other moms I know. I have to share a touching example - when my 2nd son was born, my studio community rallied. I received 3 family-sized, healthy meals delivered to a cooler on my doorstep each week for 6 weeks. I didn’t have to do a thing other than empty the contents into my fridge and reheat {to be entirely transparent, the later part didn’t happen on some days but it was nourishing and appreciated and helped my body heal hot or cold}.

What is a typical morning and work-day like for you?

If you asked my family they would tell you they’re shocked that I’ve grown into a “morning person” as an adult, because I wasn’t always that way. Today, I cherish my morning rituals. I set my alarm for 6a.m. and rise before the boys to start my day from a grounded place. I go downstairs and sit in peace and quiet to complete my 10 minute guided meditation {I love the Headspace app}. I then write down 3 things I am grateful for in my gratitude journal. Those two rituals have a huge impact on those around me. They help me be a more respectful wife, a more grounded leader, and a more present mom. Once my morning meditation and my gratitude practice is complete, I am ready to take on whatever chaos the morning throws my way. It’s go-time once the boys wake around 7. Time to make coffee and breakfast, pack lunches, shower, get dressed, start a load of laundry, water the flowers outside, brush teeth, cut checks for childcare, make sure the school bag is packed and ready to go, etc… You get the gist. And I have no doubt you are familiar with this part of the morning. My husband and I split daycare drop-off depending on our work schedules and who needs to be out of the house first. The kids are dropped off by 9:30AM on a typical day. Since I know that my brain is most productive during the morning hours, I like to sit down and catch up with my computer work if I don’t have to teach. I then take a mid-morning class, teach a class, and fill my afternoons with meetings. I am an extrovert so I get energized by connecting with people and I typically need a lift during the afternoon hours. I try to get home with the boys by 5 so we have the evenings to spend time as a family.  I should pause here to note that I take Tuesdays off from work to mom. My 4-year-old Joey calls it his “Mommy Day” and looks forward to it each week. This 1 day/week to spend alone with the boys brings my life great balance.

As a mother of multiple children. How are you navigating childcare?

I adore my boys’ caregivers. I hit the childcare lottery! They go to an in-house private daycare/preschool 3 days a week and we have our family sitter come to the house 1 day a week. I couldn’t feel less guilty about our situation. They are engaged and have made great friends along the way. It makes doing what I do so much better knowing my kids are well cared for!

How has being a woman or mother affected your career, business and relationship with your children?

It’s taken me years to overcome the mommy guilt from working outside the home and feel so fulfilled by my career. I always thought that I would be a stay-at-home mom, so this new identity of entrepreneur has taken a while to not only accept, but embrace. Through meditation, mentors, and experience I’ve come to realize what a gift I am giving my boys by honoring my dreams. I am a living example for them that you can find something you love and do work that is fulfilling. The thought of that makes all the mom guilt melt away.

Do you find that balancing motherhood, family, work and your business to be a challenge?

If so, what support system do you have in place to manage that? At first, yes. Today, no. But getting to this place has been 5 years in the making and finally creating balance is a relatively new space for me. It takes a great deal of mindfulness to recognize when I am out of balance, and then energy to readjust the different realms of my life so I can live in harmony. Meditation has been the greatest tool for that. It gives me the space to notice when things are off kilter and the wherewithal to take action.

How do you spend your free time as a boss mama?

With family, close friends, and lots of healthy activities. We live on Sylvan Lake so living that #lakelife is my idea of heaven. My studio family surprised me with a stand up paddle board for my 30th birthday. It’s one of my favorite activities and if you follow @tdmbirmingham on IG, you’ll likely see it featured in our stories during the summer months. I also love to meal prep so we have healthy meals ready to go through the week. I cherish Sundays with my family as a time to rest and recharge my battery.

Which ambitious mother inspires you and why?

I can’t name just one because there are so many. But I can say the quality I am most inspired by is the ability to create healthy boundaries. I love when moms, well, when women in general, practice saying no. I love when they tune into their needs and honor them unapologetically. It lights me up!

What’s your definition of success and how will you know when you get there?

I feel like I am there now but I didn’t arrive long ago. It’s not about how I look from the outside, it’s not about what I have, it’s ALL about how I feel. And right now, life feels really, really good.

What’s next for TDM Birmingham?

We’ve been open for 5.5 years. The first 5 years we were figuring out who we are. Now that we know who we are my vision for the next 5 years is to simply grow into the best Dailey Method we can possibly be. Let’s do this thang because I am ready!

Blessing Oyeleye