Mother: The Summit 2018 - Being A Mother In A Modern World

I have always believed that as women, we were never meant to do life alone. It is only through community & relationship that true refining and growth happens.
— Blessing Adesiyan, Founder & CEO, Mother Honestly

Oh wow! What a beautiful, exciting and amazing day. I woke up excited to meet hundreds of ambitious women who were seeking answers in motherhood. I did not think this day would come so fast. The saying “time flies when you are having fun” is 100% true. I quickly reminded myself that today wasn’t about me, it was about women like me, who maybe at one point felt so overwhelmed by being a mother coupled with multiple other obligations, that adding their own ambitions to the mix felt impossible and more overwhelming. She has probably being failed by multiple self help books while sitting at home alone all day with the kiddos. Or perhaps an entrepreneur taking on too many projects at once and feeling overwhelmed or letting months go by without taking any steps toward her goals, ideas, personal ambition. This day was for all of us mamas, who simply want to be more than “just a mom” and coming together in a meaningful way to take inventory of what’s working and what isn't, to fellowship with one another, learn from each other while seeking alignment as we approach our lives more intentionally in motherhood kept so fired up! I have always believed that as women, we were never meant to do life alone. It is only through community and relationship that true refining and growth happen.

testimonials upon testimonials (sprinkled all over, cos we loved reading them)

Yesterday was one of the most inspiring and uplifting events a working mom can attend. The testimonies, advice and just raw emotions were flowing through the entire day and I couldn’t help but feel part of the amazing community of women. Thank you for creating space for us to share and support each other -Kasie Rothe

I’m a highly caffeinated, sleep-deprived, hotness, mother-hustler 99% of the time….This weekend in Detroit wa nothing short of amazing. I had the opportunity to attend the Mother Honestly #MotherSummit18, thanks to Blessing Adesiyan - you killed it MAMA! I loved getting to know local mamas and spend time with Grand Rapids mama that attended as well. This weekend was what I needed to refocus MYSELF. - @mamasgotmugs

This event most definitely over-delivered and helped empower so many women in all seasons. If you missed the summit, no worries! You can go ahead and check out their newly launched podcast where they discuss just about everything. Let’s get it, mama! - @thegildedwife

So, I quickly washed my face as a I practiced my speech, and eventually tossed the index cards on the floor because I typically forget these things any way. I blamed my “mom brain” since I am still nursing my 9-month old son Dekanmi. I quickly put on my dress and made my way to the beautiful Madison Building downtown Detroit. If you haven’t been to the Madison, I hope you have an excuse to, it was simply refreshing to take on the wonderful views of the entire city of Detroit from the loft and rooftop as mamas trickle in.

Have you ever encountered 200 women at the same time - like-minded, passionate, impactful and powerful? I did! #MotherSummit18 was by far the most inspiring, impactful, powerful and passionate event I have ever attended. We laughed, cried, connected and poured into each other lives. We discussed career, entrepreneurship, financial stability, self-care and the list goes on. A panelist of WOMEN with diversity of professional backgrounds and experiences coming together to thrive. I love this community. Thanks you Mother Honestly for the vision. This is only the beginning! #MotherhoodMyWay - @jbrown1577 Jessice Brown, TRIO Director-Student Support Service- St Clair County Community College


Our team of volunteers welcomed guests and speakers and handed them their beautiful tote bags, personalized name tags courtesy of Annabel Reese, a one-stop shop for wedding stationeries, calligraphy and design. As they made their way to their seats, they strolled through Mother: The Marketplace, a selection of 10 amazing female-owned brands. Amongst them was Anuja Tolia Jewelry, Detroit’s Future Is Female, Ferne Boutique, Rustic Maka, Motor City Steam, Ilera Apothecary, Golden Touch Baby Concierge, God Thinks I am, Little Timber Tutoring and Nikki Closer Photography. Their beautiful display captivated our guests and they immediately started picking up their favorite items.

It was amazing, the connections, stories, food, women, ALL coming together! - @laurwath

Nothing short of just an absolute amazing event. I appreciate this community of women. Keep pushing the boundaries - @anujatoliajewelry

Absolutely amazing community of women. Beyond blessed to be included. Can’t wait until next year!

rooftop yoga, coffee, final touches

Our first order of business was rooftop yoga, led by Amanda Holbert at Renew Mama Studio in Grand Rapids. Participants came back down energized and refreshed. They all ask that we extend this piece longer than the allotted 30 minutes next time.

professional headshot, manicures, blow outs, glam squad, got mamas so pampered

At 8:30am, it was time for our GLAM SQUAD led by Dry Bar and Color Box Luxury Spa, both located in Birmingham, MI. Mamas were eager to get their express manicures, blowouts, and hair touch ups prior to breakfast at 9am. So many people expressed this to me the best part of the Summit. One mama pulled me aside and mentioned that this was her first time receiving a manicure since her daughter was born. Her daughter is 13-months. She quickly made her way to the next station which was headshots. Attendees got a chance to sign-up for headshots in advance to level up their professional portfolio. Thanks to our talented photographers Kat Stevenson Photography and Dani & Nicole Photography. Throughout the day, attendees were able to take their headshots during breaks.

Incredible event. So inspired and ready to pursue my dreams. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!! - @klvalentine

breakfast, professional headshots, networking, strolling, shopping + more

At 9:00am, it was time for breakfast. 200+ selection of healthy green juices by our sponsor, Drought Juice was exactly what mamas needed prior to digging into our delicious breakfast spread of eggs, yoghurt parfait, muffins, bagels, coffee, tea and more. My goal for this summit was to feed mothers intentionally, so we sought food that was filling and nutritionally dense to fuel mama prior to a full schedule of interactive discussions.

I couldn’t stop raving about it all night afterwards!! It was like a giant spiritual mama hug!!! Amazing day and event! Thank you so much for putting this on!! - @leslie2400

It was an incredible day full of inspiration. Thank you for starting this community and community to raise the bar - @jreedwalker

opening remarks got me fired up for more!

At 10:00am, it was time for opening remarks. Oh wait, that’s me! Our COO Nicole Bopp started dancing to beats provided by DJ Rue, a mama herself. Before I knew it, she was calling my name. I made my way to the podium and felt this sudden wave of emotion. That tiny girl with big dreams to call women to their highest potential in motherhood is actually doing it. How many times have you thought about starting something but never really get past the self-doubt. My answer was unaccountable. But this one, I actually did it. With our amazing team for sure, but the fact that I was able to see something from just a tiny dream to fruition was a big deal for me. I was happy, excited and somewhat felt fulfilled. So, I gave my speech. Nothing remarkable but something to the effect of fostering deeper connections as mothers and asking for more in our daily lives because we are not “just moms”, we are so much more.

Loved everything! Being around so many amazing mamas was empowering and inspiring! Thank you so much - @merci_beau


our first keynote was vulnerable and authentic, absolutely loved it

And the day started with our keynote speaker, Shannon Murphy, radio host of Mojo In The Morning at Channel 955. She was remarkable! So personable, so vulnerable and oh so inspiring.


The transparency is what I enjoyed the most from each speaker! I was definitely glad to be in the room with so many amazing women. - @rooftopcandleco

keynotes, fireside chats, lunch, breakout sessions, shopping, strolling, giveaways (over $3000+), networking + more

The rest of the morning included multiple keynotes and speakers on career, entrepreneurship, money, politics, motherhood, self-care and more. I want to dive deeper into what was shared, but you really have to be there to fully see for yourself the power in motherhood when like-minded women come together to drive meaningful change. We ended the day with cocktails, balloon drops and some major announcement:

  1. The freshly minted Mother Honestly Podcast to inspire and encourage the modern mother to thrive in and beyond motherhood.

  2. Our Brand Showcase & Pitch Competition slated for March 2019 in partnership with Chemical Bank and Build Institute.

Had a wonderful time meeting, chatting, eating, connecting, listening, learning, laughing and winning (thank you, @rpmbirmgham for the gift card) It was truly a soul-fillinf kind of day and clearly so many of us needed it. Looking forward to the next event to do much more of the same. - @megstengcoop

So many ‘yes, girl!” moments at the Mother Honestly Summit today. I particularly appreciated how all the women who spoke are very successful and accomplished, yet they all had very difficult challenges and obstacles that they had to overcome to get where they are today. And they spoke freely about those challenges. Great work to the entire MH team! And thanks to my girl @juliecooksays and @mmm_stellate for joining me today! - @nikkilittle

thank you, thank you, thank you

I will like to thank so many people who made this day possible including our COO, Nicole Bopp, and all the volunteers, friends and loved ones. I probably should mention that my husband made the signage overnight and hauled it in pieces to The Madison where he assembled it all together minutes before we opened the doors. For men who support ambitious women, I am grateful.


#MotherSummit18 Sponsors: Color Box Luxury Spa Birmingham for the luxury manicures | The Dry Bar Birmingham for the beauty and braid bar | Annabel Reese for all signage, name tags and decals at the summit| Premier Parking for free parking for all attendees | Pearl Marmalade for the notebooks | LPF Blooms for the beautiful flower arrangements | The Crimson Fox for branding and design | Drought Juice for 200+ assorted juices.

#MotherSummit18 Speakers: Shannon Murphy, Channel 955 Mojo In the Morning Host | Carly Goidosik, The Dailey Method, Birmingham | Amanda Holbert, Renew Mama Studio | Allie Darr, Health Coach | Kathryn Pozniak, Honey For Moms | Kelli Coleman, The Ten Nail Bar | Julie James, Caitlin James, and Jessie James at Drought Juice | Stephanie Chang, Michigan State Senator District 1 | Amanda Richie, CEO PTI Waters, Co-Founder, Mobiliti | Portia Powell, Vice President, Chemical Bank | Jennifer Davis-Papa, Retirement Planning, Chemical Bank | Meagan Ward, Femology Detroit | Robin Kinnie, Motor City Woman | Amy Peterson, Rebel Nell | April Boyle, Build Institute | Taharah Saad, Ford Motors, AAWBC | Nicole Bopp, Mother Honestly | Erinn Moss, The Dry Bar Birmingham

#MotherSummit18 Vendors: Detroits Future Is Female | Ferne Boutique | Anuja Tolia Jewelry | Rustic Maka | Ilera Apothecary | Build Institute | Rebel Nell | Motor City Steam | Nikki Closser Photography | God Thinks I am | Golden Touch Baby Concierge | Little Timber Tutoring Services

#MotherSummit18 Partners: Bedrock Detroit | Chemical Bank | Build Institute | Skin and Sky Beauty | Cream Blends | Kiloh And Co | Karalyn Street | Detroit Fisher Theatre | RPM Birmingham | Brooklyn Body Butter| Rustic Maka | PopChips | The Dry Bar | Color Box Birmingham

#MotherSummit Media Team: All video and photography by Mich Bruh Photography | Attendee professional headshots by Kat Stevenson Photography and Nicole + Daniela Photography

#mothersummit18 swag was amazing, thanks to all of our partners


More testimonials from attendees.

Spent the day with Mother Honestly and hundreds of ambitious, inspiring MOTHERS who are redefining success in life, motherhood and beyond. So proud to be a part of this amazing group of women. We started the day with yoga, followed by a beauty bar for manicures + hair, headshots, ridiculous delicious food and all the knowledge. - attendee

I really hope you realized the impact that you have made on the lives of so many mothers. You have truly helped me identify and create the woman I want to be - @szwirner

Words can’t describe what a soul-shifting this day was! I listened and now will act. Thanks for a place where I wasn’t afraid to be my true self. I can’t wait for next year! - attendee

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