How To Cultivate Your Best Goals In Motherhood

The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun, in the short run. It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals. - Seth Godin


After becoming a mom in the winter of 2009, I came across Seth Godin, and those who follow Seth know how remarkably talented he is! His words about goals really reined me in! Since that moment, I decided to start carving out goals every year for my life, children, career and family. Its so easy to free-style in motherhood because there is constant changes, chaos and let’s not forget laundry, diapers and dishes. For me, I am a different person when I am at work tackling my to-do list, and I am also a different person when I am at home catering to my loved ones and family. Therefore, it is important to create goals that aligns with my vision for my career and family.

As you start this new year afresh, I want you to let go of any expectation, resolutions and other promises that we may or may not be able to achieve due to circumstances, a sick child, a bad day at the office and so on. Instead focus on tangible value-added activities that you can incorporate into your life as a mother. Here are a few things I do that have helped me keep a 9-5 job, grow Mother Honestly, go to MBA school full-time while being the best mother I can be.

  1. Pick A Wake Up Time And Stick To It: Its true that the most remarkable people wake up early. But I think what is even more important to mention is their consistency. Pick a time that works for you, but also pick one that allows you to accomplish your goals before the kids wake up. My target time is 4:30am, it allows me to exercise, get some work done and tackle at least 1-2 items on my to-do list before the kids wake up.

  2. Start Your Morning With A Ritual: I have to credit my good friend and MH member Omonye Phillips at My Dream BIG Club for this. She handed me a notepad to start my day with my best affirmations and intentions, a prayer for myself, my family and my endeavors. She said to me “watch those manifestations become reality” and was she right! Maybe your ritual is not a gratitude journal, perhaps, its simply yoga, meditation or a morning run. Lastly, stick to it. Today is a good day to start a 30-day trial with a commitment to not break it. If you are up to it, you can download my free Goal-Setting Sheet For Moms below, I included affirmations and walk you through how to create goals that last throughout the year.

  3. Ask For Help: As a type-A ambitious woman, I find it hard to ask for help. I prefer to get things done my own way, however, doing so leaves me drained with nothing tangible left to offer to my husband and children. Hence, I implore you ask for and receive help with an open heart. Think about task you do not enjoy and see if there are financial possibilities to outsource them completely or have a chat with your partner on anything on the list he/she is willing to help you with. Splitting responsibilities is definitely a discussion worth having as we head into the new year. You are creating a positive cycle by giving and receiving from your family and loved ones, hence view this “ask” as a positive not a negative.

  4. Get Rid of Clutter: Whether you are a neat freak or not, its so easy for clutter to pile up. Between the unnecessary mails that show up at your doorstep to the amazon boxes and bubble wraps, its not a surprise how quickly we gather unimportant items. When our physical environment is free of clutter, we are able to create space for something beautiful, get meaningful work done and live with a sense of clarity. Get rid of items weekly. I normally place a basket in the laundry and weekly myself and the kids fill it with items we no longer use or need. These items are donated weekly appropriately.

  5. Get Moving Daily: This is an area where I fell completely off in 2018, however with our Recalibrate Challenge, I have been able to prioritize my health, fitness and finances. Be it a five minute stretch daily, or a quick workout to get your adrenaline up and your muscles active, then do it. Nothing makes mama more tired than a less active lifestyle. A workout is guaranteed to boost your mood and get you focused on the right goals.

  6. Feed Your Ambition: Whether you are a stay-at-home mother, career professional or business owner, your ambition matters. If your plan is to level up in your career this year, seek opportunities such as a creative outlet, a relevant class, an informational meeting or conference.

  7. Level Up Professionally: Its so easy to feel alone in motherhood with no time to network. Make a list of 5 people in your life who can help you with your career or business. Carve out time for yourself weekly to reach out to at least one of them. Schedule time for lunch or coffee and be sure to give them heads up on why you are meeting up with them and what you hope to accomplish during the meeting. The last thing you need is wasting precious time on people who are not interested in helping you achieve your goals.

  8. Create A Strategy Around Your Goals: If you are feeling like it, its a good time to set some realistic goals and expectations of the year. This is exactly the type of work that sets you up for success this new year. Doing the work upfront, and reaping the benefits the entire year.

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Blessing Adesiyan is the Founder & CEO of Mother Honestly. Mama of two, and married to her “secret weapon” husband, Blessing is a Chemical Engineer by trade with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and operational excellence. She is the chief champion of the MH Collective and currently pursuing her MBA at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. Blessing is no stranger to big ideas and even bigger to-do lists, but her passion for women and the cultivation of their ambitions is what led her to found MH as a response to a “gaping hole” in culture.

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