What Your Resume Should Look Like In 2019


2019 is going to be the year for moves mama. Companies are opening up more locations across the United States, startups are popping up in more places than just Silicon Valley, and more organizations are seeing the value in having a strong remote workforce as part of their strategy to attract female talent. 

 Let’s talk about how you are getting ready for 2019 and are you prepared? Have you freshened up your resume with updated skill sets and accomplishments? Going back to the basics of having a updated resume is vital.  Your resume is viewed as a quick snapshot of what your career journey has been so far. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but it does give insight into your skills, experience, and what you have spent your time doing so far. Making an impression the instant you have someone read it is something you don’t want to underestimate. 

Being in the recruiting space and partnering with hiring managers for years, I want to share my top 3 tips for what your resume should have in this coming 2019 year. It’s a fact that most hiring managers read a resume for 30 seconds and within the first 10 seconds, they are already developing impressions on the individual. 

The top of your resume is prime real estate 

The very top of your resume should be your very best investment into your resume. How you grab your reader’s attention is going to make the difference in if they are interested or move on to the next candidate profile. Highlight your skill sets that align with a specific opportunity/industry, create catchy verbiage in your professional summary at the very top, and make it easy on the eyes! 

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen resumes become immediately pushed aside because the format was overwhelming, the objective is unclear, and the skill sets are not applicable to the role. We want to avoid these mistakes so that our reader doesn’t get distracted and opts out from reading the rest of it

The goal of the top of a resume is grab your reader’s attention to stay engaged and continue reading.

Use key accomplishments and key responsibilities 

I get it, easier said than done. This part is the HARDEST part for my momma clients I serve. It’s tough because you need to dig deep into how you made key impacts at each role you held. This part can become very tough and time consuming because it requires you to assess and decide what were your biggest impacts and the direct results. 

 When you approach listing out each role you have held, the idea to make a bullet point list of all the responsibilities you do is ineffective and not setting yourself apart. Most people will do this in their resume and you want to sell yourself on how you performed well at each job and what results you produced. Think of this as anyone can list out a checklist of items they were responsible for, but not everyone can assess key results that made impact.

Curating key impacts and accomplishments tells your reader you are a high performer.

Include links of accomplished highlights 

As you write out the content for your resume, you want to make sure you include any relevant links that can help contribute to how bad ass you are. Was there a spotlight video you were selected to participate in? Are you highlighted in a company initiative for your efforts on a specific project? Your resume should always be submitted as PDF document, so make sure you include relevant links that can help support you as a candidate. 

Links to videos, your LinkedIn profile, or even articles where you are spotlighted in a positive way, is going to speak volumes in telling the story of who you are and setting yourself a part from the pack.

Marisella helps corporate working moms create a job search strategy while aligning their strategy with their purpose through her proven coaching methods. If you found this blog article helpful, check out her upcoming FREE webinar for mamas wanting to get more how to’s on top resume building tips and tricks. 

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